Cleveland Cavaliers Must Fire Mike Brown

By kennethbrown
Troy Taormina- USA TODAY Sports

Mike Brown had a very good first spell in charge of the Cleveland Cavaliers, but there’s an old adage in the NBA that says to never go back. The Cavaliers fired Byron Scott and decided to bring back Brown, supposedly for his defensive knowledge. What knowledge, you say? Exactly.

The defense-first coach has shown anything but defense, and although the Cavaliers are an abysmal team regardless, the blame must fall on him. Regardless of how they finish their season, it’s clear the team still requires a complete overhaul, and that should start with the firing of Brown.

The Cavaliers have shown promising signs at times, but they’ve been so inconsistent that it seems like they’d struggle to beat a high school team from time to time. They’ve been losing lately, and losing a lot. Not only are they getting beat, they’re getting annihilated in each and every game. The latest of a long line of devastating losses was their 124-107 defeat to the Dallas Mavericks.

With yet another loss on the board, can the Cavaliers afford to believe in Brown’s future plans? Owner Dan Gilbert himself has stated improvement must be seen, and they’ve seen anything but.

There’s still a lot of games left for the Cavaliers’ players and coach to save their season, but time is running out quicker than they would want. Regardless of the season’s remaining games, the Cavaliers need to take a timeout and make sure they evaluate their personnel as carefully as possible, and that may start by identifying a new coach to ensure that process is done correctly.

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