NBA Trade Deadline: 5 Teams That Need Trevor Ariza

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5 Team That Need Trevor Ariza

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For the first time in the career of John Wall, the Washington Wizards have a record over .500, which is a bigger deal than most are making it seem. One of the main reasons the Wizards have been so successful this year has been the play of veteran small forward Trevor Ariza.

Ariza is in his ninth year in the NBA and his second with the Wizards. He has played for the New York Knicks, Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets and the New Orleans Pelicans on top of playing for the Wizards.

Ariza played all 82 games during the Lakers' 2009 Championship regular season. He started 23 playoff games averaging 11.3 points per game. Ariza was a vital part to the Lakers and deserved the ring that he received.

So far this season, Ariza is averaging 14.3 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 2.8 assists with almost two steals per game. In the last 10 games, Ariza has played about his best ball of the season, averaging 14.4 points, 6.2 rebounds, 3.4 assists, and 1.9 steals per game. His play, along with the play of Wall and Bradley Beal, has lead the Wizards to a 24-23 record and a solid spot at No. 5 in the Eastern Conference standings.

Any team would love to have a past champion on their team, whether or not they played a lot that season or didn't play at all. Ariza could be a huge lift for a couple of teams.

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5. Los Angeles Lakers

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Could Trevor Ariza return to Los Angeles? Maybe he will. The Los Angeles Lakers are in one of their worst seasons to remember in quite sometime, with the likes of Pau Gasol being thrown around on the trade market. The Lakers might make a move for Ariza.

They need offense, and Ariza can bring them the offense they need. I'm sure he won't be as good as the almighty Swaggy-P Nick Young, but he could get there.

The veteran Ariza deserves a nice home and the Lakers might just be the home that he is looking for, or just the place that Washington ships him off to better their team inside and out.

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4. Chicago Bulls

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This doesn't have much possibility of happening since I have heard nothing on it, but why not the Chicago Bulls? They have lacked offense since losing Derrick Rose yet again.

Luol Deng being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers was some what of a major blow to the Bulls, and I'm sure fans miss him and his abilities on the court.

Ariza could really bring some energy to the Bulls, and Chicago fans would love him. Chicago loves championships and championship caliber players just like any other city. Ariza is the type of guy that you want on your team to get where you want to go.

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3. Atlanta Hawks

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The Atlanta Hawks were among the front runners for Evan Turner. If they miss out on Turner, they could make a quick move for Trevor Ariza.

The Hawks are missing a guy that can shoot off the dribble or create his own shot. Since coach Mike Budenholzer has taken over in Atlanta, the Hawks average the most assists per game by any NBA team.

With Kyle Korver in one corner and Ariza in another, that duo could be deadly for the rest of the Eastern Conference, even though the Indiana Pacers and the Heat have basically run away with the East already. The addition of Ariza by the Hawks would really put a padlock on every team under the three seed.

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2. Philadelphia 76ers

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Now, this was a weird one here. Though it is possible, the Philadelphia 76ers have been rumored to be shopping Evan Turner hard. And I mean like hard enough that a deal was rumored to be in the works earlier today, but nothing has came to be true as of yet.

Some of the top players in the Turner Sweepstakes, if that's what you want to call it, was the Atlanta Hawks, among others. I personally believe that the 76ers could make a solid deal in sending Turner to Washington in return for Ariza.

Ariza would play well with the 76ers. He would honestly play well anywhere you put him, but the 76ers seem more like a fit than any other team. So, with all that being said, it is a possibility that we might see this deal go down in a few hours or a few days.

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1. Milwaukee Bucks

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The Milwaukee Bucks have had their fair share of troubles this season.

With a now 9-39 records, it's all downhill from here. There's not much any team can do with a record of 30 more loses than you have wins.

Ariza in a Bucks jersey would be a welcomed sight for all Bucks fans. A team that does not have any huge names on it would be a whole lot better if they added a past NBA Champion.

Just think, with the Bucks struggling, if they make a deal for Ariza, he could most likely be paired up with the No. 1 overall pick if the Bucks win the lottery. A front court of Ariza and Joel Embiid would be dangerous.