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5 Reasons Carmelo Anthony Wouldn’t Be A Good Fit With Memphis Grizzlies

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Carmelo Anthony Wouldn't Be A Good Fit With Memphis Grizzlies

Carmelo to Grizzlies no Good in Graceland
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Regardless of this trying economy, moving companies will be understaffed and looking for drivers over the next few weeks. The NBA trade deadline is Feb. 20, and while franchises have had months to upgrade their rosters, many resist fan pressure and the anxiety that comes at the end of a losing streak before making an executive decision that can bankrupt morale and salary cap.

The Memphis Grizzlies are 26-21, fourth in the Southwest Division, and a shell of the team that made it to the Western Conference Finals a year ago. With Beef Brothers From a Different Mother Marc Gasol and Zach Randolf anchoring the frontcourt and Western Conference Coach of the Month David Joerger on the sidelines, the Grizzlies seem to be a player away from a late playoff push.

The Grizzlies lost a battle to injuries early in the season, which could account for their slow start. The 2013 three-way trade that sent former Rookie of The Year and Grizzly swingman Rudy Gay to the Toronto Rafters for Tyshawn Prince didn't prove as costly as it looked on paper. However, the defensive-minded Prince is not offensive player he once was, leaving the Grizzlies short-handed on the offensive side of the ball.

Unless a fan has been off the planet and missed their flight back to earth, is not news that New York Knick' Carmelo Anthony is eager to test the murky free agency waters in the upcoming offseason. Anthony is an attractive option for a Grizzlies team without a box office draw and barely over .500, but there's five mallet cracking reasons why he's not the answer for the Grizzlies.

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5. New Head Coach

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Grizzly head coach David Joerger has an impressive record with multiple championships-in the CBA, IBA and USDL. Anthony is not quite considered a coach killer, but he is a person of interest. A virtually young and unknown coach would be challenged to capture Anthony's opinion.

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4. The Beef Brothers From Another Mother

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The Grizzlies don't have the pieces. Breaking up their frontcourt would kill team chemistry. Gasol and Randolph play well together and despite their large frames, they balance each out. Anthony's presence would be a resentful one to the expendable.

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3. Defensive-Minded Team

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The Grizzlies are a lumbering, defensive team, two characteristics that do not apply to Anthony. He plays defense when the cameras are on, but he's an unapologetic scorer that prefers to save his energy in case he's in the mood to drop a 62-point game.

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2. The Bigs Have To Eat

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From the words of the late Shaquile O'Neal, "You gotta feed the big dog if you want him to guard the house." Anthony has never played with a center with any offense in their DNA, helping solidifying the 2003 national champion's ball-stopping entitlement. The Grizzlies are an inside-out team. Inside to Anthony is a reference to the three point line.

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1. Never Settle In Graceland

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Anthony will be a free agent at the end of this regular season. If he were traded to the Grizzlies, he'd be renting. Anthony wouldn't stay with the Grizzlies unless they moved. The New York native moving to Graceland is a plot that would get a Hollywood green light, but never Anthony or his wife's, La La Anthony, approval.