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Boston Celtics: 5 Potential Trade Scenarios Involving Jeff Green

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Boston Celtics: 5 Trade Scenarios Involving Jeff Green

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The Boston Celtics currently have the fourth-worst record in the NBA. To me, the 16-33 record is a job well done. Obtaining a lottery pick is vitally important for a rebuilding team. In order to maintain their draft position, the Celtics need to make a few more moves before the trading deadline.

One player that could be moved is Jeff Green. Some may be surprised at the notion, but it is clear that Green is not the player the Celtics were hoping he would be. At 27, he is too old and too inconsistent to be "the guy" moving forward. It would be in the team's best interest to go their separate ways and get something in return.

Jeff Green is not a bad player by any means. In fact, he can easily drop 30 on any opponent and has shown that he can score at will. In fact, when Green takes 19 or more shots, he averages 28.4 points. Last season he averaged 32.5 points when taking at least 19 shots. The bottom line is Green can put up big numbers each and every night if only he chose to be more assertive and take more shots. It baffles me that he doesn't take advantage of the talent he possesses.

With that being said, Jeff Green could be a perfect complementary player on a contending team. He's athletic, can get to the rim and can hit the open jumper. A team that already has a main scorer would love to have Green's services.

Another reason the Celtics should consider moving on from Green is his contract. He is only slightly overpaid, but Boston is committed to him until after 2015-16 season. It would be a relief to shed his contract.

It is unclear what Green's value would be, but if he can bring back a young player or draft picks, the Celtics should pull the trigger. Here are 5 scenarios that could potentially involve Jeff Green.

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5. Jeff Green for Otto Porter Jr.

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Celtics trade Jeff Green to Washington Wizards for Otto Porter Jr. and Jan Vesely

The Wizards have finally gotten over the .500 threshold and could be a top team in the East. They could use another veteran scorer to complement John Wall and Bradley Beal. The Celtics would benefit financially and also obtain a young player in Porter Jr. who could play a big role in the rebuilding process.

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4. Jeff Green for Omer Asik

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Celtics Trade Green to Houston Rockets for Omer Asik

This isn't my favorite scenario, but it is a possibility. Boston nearly traded Brandon Bass and Courtney Lee for the Turkish big man, but the trade fell through. Since Lee is gone, Green could be used as the piece to acquire Asik. The Celtics get a young center, a rare commodity in the NBA, and the Rockets would add another scorer to enhance their playoff contention hopes.

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3. Jeff Green for Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

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Celtics trade Jeff Green, Brandon Bass to Charlotte Bobcats for Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Cody Zeller, Brendan Haywood

The Bobcats are another team that could be a top team in the East. They just need a veteran presence to solidify their playoff hopes. Green and Bass could do the trick. The Celtics would receive two young players with a lot of potential. Would the Bobcats be willing to let go of Kidd-Gilchrist for a top seed in the East?

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2. Jeff Green for Larry Sanders

Jeff Green
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Celtics trade Green to Milwaukee Bucks for Larry Sanders, Ekpe Udoh

With the emergence of John Henson, a trade involving Sanders makes sense for the Bucks. Green would add depth to the small forward position and the Bucks would be able to pay Henson. Also, the trade doesn't hurt their lottery chances all that much since Sanders and Green provide relatively the same PER in different ways. As for Boston, Sanders' length and athleticism would be a perfect complement to Jared Sullinger and his below-the-rim style of play.

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1. Jeff Green for Kendrick Perkins

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Celtics trade Green to Oklahoma City Thunder for Kendrick Perkins, first-round pick

How ironic would it be to reverse the 2011 trade? Surprisingly, this re-do makes sense for both teams. Perk does not fit with the Thunder and doesn't provide much of an impact. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook need another veteran scorer. Serge Ibaka could move to the 5 and Stevan Adams has shown a lot of promise. Perkins has one less year on his deal than Green, so the move would benefit the Celtics financially, improve their lottery chances and bring back a fan favorite.