Charlotte Bobcats Rumors: Team Trading For Evan Turner?

By Andrew Fisher
Evan Turner
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

With the NBA trade deadline rapidly approaching, more and more players are finding their way into online rumors. The latest player to emerge in trade talks is Philadelphia 76ers forward Evan Turner. The former number two pick is set to become a restricted free agent this offseason and with Philadelphia still in the rebuilding process, he’s a fairly strong candidate to be moved. But in a case like Turner’s, the team that acquires him will likely to have to be interested in him long-term.

The team that’s rumored to have the most interest in Turner so far? The Charlotte Bobcats.

According to the Charlotte Observer, the Bobcats are at least talking about the possibility of bringing in Turner. He could no doubt help the team make the playoffs in the short-term and potentially be a solid building block for the future. Turner has made some noticeable improvements this year, his fourth overall in the NBA. He’s averaging a career-high 17.9 PPG and also pulling down six boards a contest. At just 25-years of age, it’s possible that he’s just now coming into his own as a pro.

But the big question is whether he’d want to stay in Charlotte long-term. If he doesn’t want to be a Bobcat/Hornet, then the franchise would essentially just be wasting a draft pick on him this year at the deadline. It should be noted, though, that the Bobcats could have up to three first rounds picks this year.

We’ll just have to wait and see if they think he’s worth trading one of them.


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