Chicago Bulls' Coach Tom Thibodeau Reiterates Who's In Charge

By Courtney Harden
Chicago Bulls: Coach Tom Thibodeau Responds To The Complaints & Criticism
Kim Klement – USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls are trying to get past the comments that power forward Carlos Boozer said earlier in the week.  Boozer was very critical and candid in an interview about his lack of playing in crunch time. Now, coach Tom Thibodeau has spoken and has let it be known to Boozer and anybody else on the team that he is the one calling the shots.

Thibodeau has been the head man in charge for the last four years and his methods and ways haven’t changed. The Bulls know what they are getting from the coach — a hard-nosed, take charge leader; he doesn’t go with what is popular and trendy. He sets his rotation the way he wants to and plays his guys the way he wants to. For the most part, the players love playing for him and respect his leadership skills, so it was sort of a surprise that Boozer would go to the media and blast his frustrations towards Thibodeau.

The Bulls got a very good win recently against the Phoenix Suns on the road; before that game, coach Thibodeau wanted his team to play with focus, attention to detail, and more energy. He just wants his guys to get back to the basics and play together. He understands that guys get frustrated over the course of the season, but to be successful in this league, they have to keep fighting and stick together through the good and the bad.

This situation seems to have blown way out of proportion. The Bulls would rather have Boozer say something behind the scenes instead of in the media and out in the public. He stated his frustrations and how he felt, but Thibodeau had to shut that down quickly and remind the team that he is the boss.

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