Cleveland Cavaliers Lose Most Interesting Game In The NBA This Season

By Zach Morrison
Los Angeles Lakers at Cleveland Cavaliers
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers took on the Cleveland Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena on Wednesday night and dominated for the majority of the game. Nobody should care all that much about the score of this one, however, as it was one of the most unique NBA games anyone has ever seen. It had everything, including officials and broadcast crews having to read through the NBA rule book.

The Lakers began the game with only eight active players. Obviously, any time a team only has eight players available, a good strategy would be to try and foul a few players out. Fortunately for the Cavs, they didn’t need to foul many players out. Unfortunately for the Lakers, a bunch of their players got injured. Jordan Farmar and Nick Young got hurt, while Chris Kaman and Robert Sacre fouled out, which left the team with four available players.

What happens in a situation like that? I’ll tell you — whenever a team is down to five active players, if the fifth player fouls out, that player has to stay in the game because four-on-five basketball can’t happen. However, every foul that player commits for the rest of the game results in a common foul as well as a technical foul.

In tonight’s case, that player was Sacre. Fortunately for the Lakers, the situation didn’t get too out of hand, as they did win the game easily. As far as the actual game and the score is concerned, the Cavs had a huge deficit in the first half. I specifically remember the score being 45-19 at one point, and believe it or not, it got worse. Somehow, the Cavs were able to come back and cut it to an eight point lead, but that was as close as it got.

Couple a gigantic comeback with a rare rule enforcement like we saw tonight, and you get a great game to watch. As for the Cavs, this isn’t a great team to watch; something needs to be done to that roster and coaching staff very soon.

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