New York Knicks Rumors: Mike Woodson To Be Fired Before Trade Deadline

By Andrew Fisher
Mike Woodson
USA Today Sports

It’s something that’s been speculated about for months now — will Mike Woodson last the season? The New York Knicks have been struggling since opening night in 2013 and many have called for Woodson’s job ever since. But now speculation about Woodson’s future is really starting to ramp up across the internet. The latest buzz is that he could be axed before the trade deadline (2-20).

The Knicks are currently on the outside of the playoff picture in the Eastern Conference at 19-29. Being 10 games under .500 is never a good thing, but it looks especially bad when only four teams in the conference have winning records. The East is no stranger to teams below .500 making the playoffs, but this year the conference is exceptionally crappy.

That’s the main reason why I’m not buying the Woodson rumors. In a normal year where the rest of the conference is doing well, maybe he would be on the hot seat. But in a year where the team is 10 games under and still very much alive to host a first round series, it’s hard to justify kicking a pretty good head coach to the curb. Why not see if he can turn things around?

New York will no doubt try to make some deals at the deadline, but I’m not sure who they’ll use as trade bait. There aren’t many players the Knicks can part with if they still expect to be competitive the rest of the way. They really don’t have any assets to deal and therefore, they’re going to be a team that is what it is the rest of the way.


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