Chris Kaman Turned Los Angeles Lakers Bench Into a Bed and Took a Nap

By Connor Muldowney
Chris Kaman
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The Los Angeles Lakers are ailing lately. Up and down the roster is almost like looking at a D-League team, but they keep on fighting and even beating the occasional team. Although they have one of the worst records in the league, the Lakers have found a way to stay somewhat afloat with a 17-32 record — that might even challenge for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

Well, things got so bad for the Lakers on Wednesday night that the team only dressed eight players for their game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Yes, eight players when it’s usually 12 that are suited up and ready to go.

The bench looked so bare last night that Chris Kaman poked a little fun at the situation by turning the empty bench into his bed and took a little nap. No, he wasn’t really sleeping, but imagine how awesome it would be if he actually did.

It looked like Kaman was a little exhausted from all that fouling out that he did. The game got so ugly for the team that two players fouled out — Kaman and Robert Sacre — and two more players left the game with injuries — Jordan Farmar and Nick Young.

It got to the point where the Lakers had to take a technical for every foul if they wanted to keep Sacre in the game even though he fouled out.

I’m glad Kaman got a good nap in there, though. Next time the Lakers might want to try and dress a few more players so they don’t have to worry about these situations — even if they are quick D-League adds.

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