Kristen Ledlow Goes Behind the Scenes of 'Inside the NBA'

By Andrew Fisher
Inside the NBA
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For those not yet familiar, Kristen Ledlow is the new co-host of the recently relaunched show Inside Stuff on NBA TV. This of course makes her part of the ‘Turner Family’ and it gets her access to appear on shows like Inside the NBA. She did just that recently, when she took on Shaquille O’Neal in a free throw shooting contest. Ledlow ultimately lost to Shaq, but luckily she did have time to shoot this behind the scenes look at Inside the NBA:

If you’re a fan of the show like I am, you could watch an entire documentary on Inside the NBA. The things Kenny, Shaq, Ernie and Charles say on-air are funny enough. You can only imagine the great conversations they have when the cameras aren’t rolling. Watching a game in the ‘green room’ with the three former NBA greats would be a treat.

The thing that makes ‘Inside’ great is that all the guys like to laugh and have a good time, but they’re also basketball experts. Barkley hates being labeled as an expert, but it’s true. O’Neal, Smith and Barkley have a combined 45 years of NBA experience. They know the game on and off the court. They also present what they know in a no-nonsense manner. They’re blunt and to the point, while being spot on with most of their assessments.

Barkley has been saying that he’s bored with his job as a studio analyst for a long time now. But to this point he’s stuck with it. Fans of Inside are hoping he sticks around, because the show wouldn’t be the same without him.


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