Los Angeles Clippers' Blake Griffin Has Arrived In Defeat and In Rumor Trade

By christopherbrown
Kirby Lee – USA TODAY Sports

Leave it to a Los Angeles Clipper to score a season high 43 points, 13 rebounds and six assist and be overshadowed by rumors and subsequent loss. Welcome to the world of Clipper forward Blake Griffin, who played his 17th game without his captain, Chris Paul, Wednesday night, dominating the fourth against LeBron James and the World Champion Miami Heat.

With 19 seconds left in the game and the Heat with a comfortable lead, Griffin’s rare three-pointer kept the Clippers game and 19,000 fans in their seats. Yet, the Heat went champion on the Clippers and escaped the Staple Center with a win.

Griffin had his best game as a pro. He’s posted  bigger numbers in both points and rebounds, but seldom together and never with such versatility. The light has come on for Griffin, as he’s found a way to fly with both feet on the ground. He’s a legitimate threat at multiple spots on the floor, while emerging as the most feared power forward in the league-again.

Yet don’t expect to see Griffin posted up at an outdoor cafe with limited edition shades on and a bottle sparkling water on the table anytime soon. With the rise of the Thursday morning sun came the swirling rumor naming the Clippers as a possible destination for reigning MVP and soon to be free agent James.

The Clipper are flirting with a luxury tax, making an acquisition of the  likes of James an incredibility expensive one. But a sign and trade deal that would send Griffin to Miami in return for James would put the Clippers franchise out of a salary cap stranglehold and a immediate contender.

James and Paul are very close friends, often quoted as wanting to play along side one another. “Buddy ball” has been the trend in the NBA. If trading Griffin for James gives the Clippers a better chance at bringing a championship to the organization, head coach Doc Rivers should make that happen. If the assumption is that a friendship off the court translates to chemistry in the trenches, keep in mind what is to be expected from two ball dominating superstars, with one desperately searching for his first ring.

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