NBA All-Star Rumors: John Wall “Seriously Considering” Taking Part in Dunk Contest

By Cody Williams
John Wall Wizards Dunk Contest
Geoff Burke – USA Today Sports Images

Reports came out on Wednesday night that NBA All-Star reserve point guard Damian Lillard will compete in the slam dunk contest in a week and a half in New Orleans. Now there are rumblings that another talented, All-Star point guard could join him in the competition at All-Star Weekend.

According to a report from Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports, Washington Wizards point guard John Wall is “seriously considering” entering the dunk contest, per Spears’ sources. This would be the first time competing in the dunk contest for the fourth-year point guard.

While many people believed that Wall should have been one of the two starting guards in the Eastern Conference, many people believing he was more deserving of the start than Kyrie Irving, Wall was pretty unarguably announced as one of the seven reserve players last Thursday for the East, much like Lillard was for the Western Conference.

Wall has shown over his now three and a half years in the league that he’s an incredibly explosive athlete that can really rise when the opportunity is there. While it’s relatively strange to see two point guards as the names being thrown around for the dunk contest right now, these are two exciting young guards that have the ability to put on a good show and bring star power to a contest that desperately needs that.

The idealists are going to say that Wall and Lillard are no LeBron James and Dwight Howard and that’s 100 percent correct. However, there needs to be some level of realism when looking at the dunk contest, namely being aware that LeBron in a dunk contest—as is the same with many other players—isn’t going to happen. As far as “consolation prizes” go, though, Lillard and Wall are a nice start and garner a bit of excitement to who else the league will have rocking the rim next weekend.

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