NBA Rumors: Are Charlotte Bobcats Interested In Philadelphia 76ers' Evan Turner?

By danielcarney
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Recent developments and social media statuses have caused a little stir between Evan Turner and the Charlotte Bobcats. Rumors surrounding the rising young star and the possibility of a trade to Charlotte on the Feb. 20 trade deadline are coming alive.

It’s that time of year in the basketball world — the time that rumors run wild around every and any franchise. However, this possibility of Turner being moved might actually make sense for the Bobcats in their quest for the 2014 NBA playoffs.

The Philadelphia 76ers have reportedly put the strong scoring source on the trading block. The Sixers are looking to acquire a very solid trade for the 6-foot-7 forward, and finding the right interested taker might not come so quickly. How would the Cats be the right suitor? What could they offer?

It’s clear that Charlotte could be in the hunt to offer up at least one of their draft picks in preparation of a trade deadline move. The Bobcats may have as many as three first round picks in the extremely hyped upcoming 2014 NBA Draft (Charlotte has both the Portland Trail Blazers and the Detroit Pistons first rounders, but they are protected).

Not just a first rounder could lock up the former Ohio State star, but would the noticeably struggling Ben Gordon be a piece of the puzzle? It would actually pan out despite his ridiculous $13+ million expiring contract.

Gordon’s hefty contract may be overpaid, but could actually be appealing to a team like the Sixers, due to being far under their cap. Philadelphia hasn’t looked to renew Turner’s contract so far, as he will become a restricted free agent come seasons end.

If you were Michael Jordan, would you think this is a worthwhile trade? If the Bobcats want to acquire another helpful scoring output for their fifth worst NBA offense, then this is the right deal. The deal breaker for me is if the Bobcats don’t offer a draft pick or any young talent, it would be silly for the Sixers to accept; Gordon wont get the job done alone!

The Cats need to offer up one of their draft pick if they even want to have a shot at the 18-point man. Turner can create great shot selection for himself and others. However, his lacking outside shot and often wanting of the ball in his hands may cause problems when coping with Kemba Walker.

If soon to be “Buzz-City” does end up acquiring Turner, it most likely won’t just be a short term fill in. It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that in Jordan’s mind, this would be a deal that hopefully will pull the team to re-signing him in the offseason as a restricted free agent. Would this be a good deal for Charlotte? We will have to wait until Feb. 20 (or even before) to see if the Cats bite.

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