Paul George Continues To Tease Dunk Contest Fans With Breakaway Windmill

By Andrew Fisher
paul george
Brian Spurlock -USA TODAY Sports

Paul George is just throwing it in our faces at this point. The All-Star forward has been on tear lately, throwing down many spectacular in-game dunks. Unfortunately, he’s unlikely to participate in this year’s slam dunk contest. But regardless of that sad fact, you should still check out George’s latest in-game gem:


The likely fact that George and no other big name players will participate in year’s dunk contest will just further deter people from watching, again. Interest in the dunk contest has been in decline for many years now and it’s going to continue as long as the high-profile dunkers stay on the sidelines.

Have we seen pretty much every dunk that can be done? Yes. But the dunk contest is all about the performances. It’s about the dunkers putting on a show for the fans. It doesn’t matter if we’ve seen the dunks before, it matters how the performers throw them down.

The best way I’ve heard it described is that the participants today are YouTube dunkers. They can throw down some sick dunks when it’s just them and the camera, but when America is watching, they aren’t up to the task. Many of the participants in recent history have had great dunks, it’s just that it took them three or four tries to get one through. There’s something to be said for nailing the first attempt.

I guess we’ll just have to settle for these spectacular in-game dunks by George. They’re certainly much better than nothing.

**Update** Reports have surfaced that state George will participate in the dunk contest!

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