Brooklyn Nets Follow Up Big Victory With Disappointing Loss to Detroit Pistons

By Shane Phillips
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets have looked like a new team this year as they have turned around their NBA season, raking in the wins and jumping into playoff contention. The inconsistent Nets continued their New Year success Thursday night with a huge victory over the San Antonio Spurs, 103-89. It was one of those wins that makes you say, “huh, maybe Brooklyn can cause some damage in the East.”

And just when you start to think the Nets have turned a corner, they go and get blown out by the Detroit Pistons, 111-95. They were without Kevin Garnett, but Joe Johnson, Deron Williams and Paul Pierce combined for a grand total of 30 points and three assists. I’m sorry, but those numbers just aren’t going to cut it when your fanny is sitting on a nice big-fat contract. Johnson, Williams and Pierce are all high quality players who should be able to combine for more than 30 points, especially against a team like the Pistons.

You can go ahead and throw out the excuse, “It was the second game of a consecutive set.” Guess what I have to say to that? So what! These are professional athletes, who make a crap-ton of money to play a silly game. I know the human body gets tired and the NBA season causes some serious wear-and-tear on the body, but come on. Brooklyn has the highest salary cap in the league and it can’t defeat the Pistons.

I hate to be a Debbie Downer for all those Nets fans who have finally gotten their hopes up after a season of lonesome despair, but if they keep losing to opponents like the Pistons, then they are not going to make the playoffs and this season will go down in history as a tremendous failure. Despite all of the injuries to the roster, Jason Kidd still has a lot of talent to work with. So get working because you are running out of time to figure it out, Kidd.

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