Chicago Bulls: Andrew Bynum May Have Been What the Bulls Needed

By Tracy Martin
Andrew Bynum
Jonathan Daniel – Getty Images

It is without dispute that Andrew Bynum is one of the more gifted centers in the NBA. The 7-foot-0, 285 pound big man has an impressive basketball resume in his seven years in the league, winning two championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. While he is nowhere near the top level of talent in the league, Bynum still possesses the skills necessary to play his role effectively on the court.

In January, the Chicago Bulls made a blockbuster trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers, trading Luol Deng for Bynum and three future draft picks. Upon receiving Bynum, Chicago cut him from the roster before allowing him to suit up for a game. The intention of the trade was to lower Chicago’s cap space and attempt to find key players in future drafts. Considering the team’s current mission to restructure the roster, the trade was a good move on Chicago’s behalf.

While the Bulls ultimately made a wise decision in releasing Bynum, it doesn’t hurt to consider what could have been. The current team mentality on the Bulls is one of hard work, cohesive teamwork and a strong defensive attitude. If one were to look at his history, there’s evidence that Bynum would have picked up on these morals quickly.

Bynum has considerable NBA Finals experience, something that would have been great to impart on his teammates in Chicago. While he would never have become the team leader, having someone with experience like that would have been great.

In all respects, Bynum would have been a second-string center to Joakim Noah, nothing more. But considering the lack of big men on the Chicago bench, Bynum would have served a role that’s needed.

Bynum has recently signed with the Indiana Pacers. Hopefully one of the moves Chicago has planned for this offseason is finding their second offensive threat, along with making an effort in finding a talented big man that could back up Noah on the bench.

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