Cleveland Cavaliers Fired GM Chris Grant, But What Changes Are Next?

By kennethbrown
David Richard- USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Cavaliers have had an abysmal season (at the time of writing they’re only one game better than this time last season), but this was supposed to be their big breakthrough year. So what’s gone wrong? It was heavily suggested that big changes were coming for this franchise and that owner Dan Gilbert wouldn’t be waiting for the season to end. On Thursday, Feb. 6 these aforementioned changes started with general manager Chris Grant getting fired. But was it his fault, and do they need to make more changes?

Some have suggested that coach Mike Brown would quickly follow Grant through the exit door, but in Gilbert’s recent press conference he gave enough information to suggest that Brown would get the rest of this season and probably next season, too. Is it Grant, Brown, the players or Gilbert himself who should take the blame? Surely a general manager couldn’t have been responsible for the horrific performances, can he?

Admittedly some of the decisions Grant has made have been detrimental to the team. For example he opted to draft Dion Waiters instead of Harrison Barnes, which many considered a bad move before it even transpired. Grant cannot be fully responsible, but his firing was seemingly the right decision for the franchise. Surely other people need to be held accountable, and if it’s not going to be Brown, then who?

The previously mentioned Waiters is a heavy favorite to face Gilbert’s wrath next. With noted attitude and off the court problems as well as evident talent, he is tipped to be moved before next week’s trade deadline. This move, if not rushed, can be one that helps the franchise move forward and away from their problems. Whether it was Grant, Brown or Waiters causing this season’s problems, the Cavaliers must improve and big changes are required to try and get back on to the path of success.

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