New York Knicks Considering Firing Head Coach Mike Woodson

By Michael Terrill
New York Knicks Considering Firing Head Coach Mike Woodson
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In what seems like an eternity ago, New York Knicks owner James Dolan wasn’t shy about what he expected from his team this season. Dolan held a meeting with the coaching staff and executives last fall to discuss the realistic possibility of a championship run. At this point, the playoffs are a long shot, while head coach Mike Woodson will likely be out of a job sooner rather than later.

After Wednesday’s 94-90 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, Dolan was seen in the locker room talking to Carmelo Anthony. The topic of discussion was reportedly the fate of Woodson.

According to a team source that revealed information to the New York Daily News, Dolan is trying to decide the direction to take the team in. Some within the organization believe Woodson isn’t at fault for the dismal performance of the players simply because those same players aren’t taking responsibility for their play on the court. Meanwhile, others believe Woodson is no longer in control, which means he must be removed immediately.

Dolan wanted to know Anthony’s thoughts on the matter, but the way he went about it wasn’t exactly ideal, especially when Anthony is known to be a reason why coaches seem to lose their job. Obviously, an acquaintance of Anthony’s wanted to clear the air with the media as soon as possible to ensure a story didn’t spiral out of control.

“There may be players that have a problem with Woody and want to blame him but Carmelo isn’t one of them,” said a person close to Anthony, according to the NY Daily News. “If Carmelo has tuned out Woody or doesn’t want him as a coach, why did he score 62 points two weeks ago? Why was he player of the month in January?”

Regardless of what Anthony wants, there’s no question the Knicks are considering firing Woodson. One would think that they would at least wait until the end of the season. However, if the team is unable to show any improvement over the next couple of months, I have to imagine it’s fair to assume Woodson will be gone.

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