5 NBA Head Coaches Who Need to be Fired Already

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There's a few NBA coaches that need to get fired

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This NBA season has been a roller coaster to say the least. A couple of shocking trades have already occurred and much more are likely to come with the trade deadline looming. There have also been a couple of teams that have emerged as playoff contenders who had very low expectations to begin with. With a loaded draft, a number of teams have accumulated losses for the sole reason of attaining a higher pick. Therefore, coaches cannot be judged solely on winning.

On the other hand, multiple teams that had high expectations coming into this year have failed miserably thus far. Although players must shoulder some of the blame, coaches must also be held responsible. Coaches do play a large part in a team's success. They are expected to be the leader, especially on a team full of young players and attitude problems. Additionally, teams that were just constructed require a strong leader in a head coach because the players do not know how to play with each other just yet. In this case, it is up to the coach to figure out how to fit them together.

Coaches that have been successful in all of these things are coaches like Doc Rivers, Gregg Popovich and Tom Thibodeau. All three of these individuals have figured out a proven system of how to both respect their players as well as receive the respect back. These coaches are a few of the best we have in the league today, but they are all coaches to model after.

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5. Jason Kidd

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The Brooklyn Nets had extremely high expectations coming into this season to compete for a championship. However, this is definitely not the case as the Nets sit at a mediocre 22-26. Since the season began, Brooklyn has not looked good and Jason Kidd is certainly not helping their case. He appears to do nothing but sit on the bench quietly. The team's recent success has nothing to do with Kidd as he has done nothing differently. Brooklyn needs to get rid of him.

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4. Mike Brown

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have been an absolute disaster. Even after the team traded for former All-Star Luol Deng, no improvement has occurred. Cleveland's players seem to not care much about the team and that has to land on the shoulders of the coaching staff. There is obviously no leadership on this team and now the Cavs are on the verge of losing Deng and Kyrie Irving in the future. Immediate changes need to take place.

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3. Mo Cheeks

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When trading for Brandon Jennings and signing Josh Smith in free agency, the Detroit Pistons had high hopes to make a playoff run. However, neither player has made an immediate impact mainly because the team does not collectively fit together. On paper, this should be an easy three seed in the weak Eastern Conference, but the Pistons are a game and a half out of the eighth seed. Coach Mo Cheeks has failed to figure out a lineup that works and his solution has been to randomly bench star players like Smith, Jennings and also Greg Monroe. He is not the right coach for this team or any team for that matter.

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2. Mike Woodson

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Another absolute disaster, the New York Knicks. Coming off their best season in years, finishing with a record of 54-28, the Knicks already have accrued more losses than last season as the team currently sits at 20-30. Mike Woodson has done nothing to solve the problems this season with his questionable lineups. Rumors that owner James Dolan is going to fire Woodson have been hovering all season and with their recent losing, the move is bound to happen.

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1. Mike D'Antoni

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Finally, we reach the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, Mike D'Antoni. This experiment by Lakers owner Jim Buss, has proven that defense really does matter in the NBA. The lack of emphasis has doomed Los Angeles and if the team plans on winning a championship anytime soon, D'Antoni must go. In addition to his lack of defensive knowledge, D'Antoni is also another coach who cannot settle on a lineup. It appears as if he plays favorites as Chris Kaman, who is unquestionably the better player than Robert Sacre, has rarely been seen on the court this season.