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5 Reasons Why Anthony Davis Belongs In 2014 All-Star Game

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5 Reasons Why Anthony Davis Belongs In 2014 All-Star Game

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This Friday, it was announced that Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans would replace the injured Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2014 All-Star game for the Western Conference.

Adam Silver, the recently-appointed new NBA commissioner, was in charge of naming a new All-Star because the fans had voted in Kobe, who is unable to participate. The West is filled with players who deserved a shot, but selecting Davis to the All-Star game was a great pick by Silver as he is one of the most deserved.

Davis entered the drafted after one very impressive year at the University of Kentucky. He ending up being the first overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft by the then-New Orleans Hornets. At Kentucky, Davis had a dominant year and won the NCAA National Championship. Before he ever played in a professional basketball game, he won a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics. Since entering the league, Anthony has become a dominant force on both ends of court. His game has matured at a very fast rate. Davis is almost 21-years old and has one of the brightest futures in the league. He is a superstar in his developing years, and there is no telling where his talents will take him.

Silver has selected Davis to replace Kobe, giving him his first All-Star appearance. This was a great selection by Silver because Davis is the most deserving player to take Bryant's spot.

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5. Averages A Double-Double

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Davis was the first overall draft pick and he has been living up to the expectations set for him in only his second year. His numbers have all jumped from last season, and he is currently averaging 20.5 PPG, 10.5 RPG, 3.3 BLKPG and 1.5 STLPG. With his 7-foot-4 wingspan, this guy is a double-double machine.

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4. Amazing Defender

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Davis is a phenomenal athlete and one of the most skilled defenders in the league. He is a premier inside defender and has dominated many in the paint. Anthony is a one-of-a-kind rim protector and has helped the Pelicans grow as a team defensively. He should get strong consideration for Defensive Player of the Year this season.

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3. Has Extremely High Basketball IQ

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Davis is a big man who understands a lot about the game of basketball. He is great at executing plays, and is an extremely well-rounded and versatile basketball player. Davis is has the ability to dominate on both the offensive and defensive end of the court.

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2. Dominating Offensive Player

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Davis is an extremely efficient offensive player. Not many big men can dribble the ball up the court as well. He has some seriously good handles for his height. His abilities are extremely unique. He is also extremely proficient at running plays. He comes off as one of those guys who is easy to coach because he understands. Davis also has a reliable jump shot outside of 20 feet.

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1. We Already Know He Is An All-Star

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In 2012, Davis was on the USA men's basketball team for the summer Olympics in London. During that time, he was accepted by the world's best basketball players. We have seen him play with the best before and we know he can run with the best.