Chicago Bulls' Tom Thibodeau Right to Want Front Office to Be Aggressive With Moves

By Courtney Harden
Chicago Bulls: Chicago Bulls Coach Demanding Some Moves By Management
Kelly L. Cox – USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bulls are entering a very important stage of the NBA season. It is midseason and the trade deadline is approaching quickly. The Bulls are being rumored to be making a bunch of deals, but we don’t truly know what is up their sleeves. Will they be major players at the trading deadline or will they stand firm with the team they have? Coach Tom Thibodeau just wants management to do something, if it’s now or in the summer.

Thibodeau is all for the team trying to get the salary cap situated for the future, but he knows he needs some help on the roster immediately. He iterated that he wants a player to come in and help. He did not get into any specifics on what type of player, he just wants someone. The Bulls have to have a minimum requirement of 13 players by Feb. 13. Depth has been an issue with the Bulls all year with the amount of injuries and players in and out of the lineup. So they will either deal for a couple of players or re-sign third point guard Mike James to fill the roster.

The Bulls need some outside shooting in the worst way. There are just not enough guys floating around at this point of the season that can provide that need. Thibodeau just wants the most positive and best decisions for the team to be made. If they can get a guy who can knock down open shots and play sound defense, the Bulls will be in business. The Bulls may just have to settle on what they have and do what Thibodeau always states — next man up.

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