Detroit Pistons Take Advantage Of Brooklyn Nets Tired Legs

By Mark Wilson

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets have been hot and cold for a large portion of the season, but playing the second night of a back to back left them frostbit.

The Detroit Pistons took advantage of a tired Nets team that played without their defensive leader in Kevin Garnett. Garnett was given the night off for rest as Jason Kidd decided to pull a page out of the Greg Popovich book. His teammates had to wish they were sitting this game out as well as they were ran out of the arena from the jump-ball.

The Nets got a taste of their own medicine as they beat a San Antonio Spurs team that was in the same position as them the night before. Despite the loss the Nets are still in great position in the weak Eastern Conference to make the playoffs and catch the Atlantic division leading Toronto Raptors.

Joe Johnson and Deron Williams will have to gather the troops and put this loss behind them quickly as they get ready for a massive yet important slate of road games. Kidd has to make hard decisions for the rest of the season in regards to how he manages his players minutes, but he must not forget the bigger picture which is to move out of that seventh or eight spot.

This loss was expected but the Nets have to realize that back-to-backs have to be treated no differently then games that are scheduled three days apart. The main goal is to put your best players on the floor so that you will have a fighting chance. Kidd gave Garnett the night off and the rest off the team decided to take one themselves. With the playoffs and division crown within grasp the Nets have to put pedal to the medal and and crash through that fatigue wall.

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