Steve Nash Celebrates 40th Birthday By Finally Looking Like Himself In Los Angeles Lakers Win

By Scott Groff
steve nash
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Nash helped the Los Angeles Lakers to their second straight win on Friday night against the lowly Philadelphia 76ers, 112-98. Nash scored a season-high 19 points to go along with five assists in 28 minutes of action on his 40th birthday.

You have to feel good for Nash that everything came together for the first time in a long time. This is a guy that could have easily retired multiple times over the past two seasons, but he has insisted on putting in the work to get back on the court. Not only that, he never once complained about all of the bad luck that has come his way. You can finally see Nash moving around somewhat freely on the basketball court, no longer are you seeing him favor any part of his body.

He has mentioned he has been working out two times a day every day in trying to come back from multiple injuries. The work he has put in is the only reason he has been able to feel somewhat comfortable again. This was most evident when Nash pulled of a vintage left to right behind the back move followed by an underhanded layup on Evan Turner. That is the kind of play that Laker fans were expecting to see on a nightly basis when he was acquired from the Phoenix Suns. In fact, he looks confident moving around the court and you can tell reinjuring himself is not in the back of his mind as we have seen before.

Is it possible that Nash has turned a corner and this is a sign of things to come? I’m sure the next test will be able to see how his body holds up over multiple games moving forward, and then the possibility of playing on back-to-back nights. If Nash can turn back the clock and give the fans just a slice of his greatness over the rest of the year, it would be fantastic. Regardless, it is nice to see a good guy like Nash finally have a great day at the office especially when turning the dreaded 40.

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