Detroit Pistons Foolishly Fire Head Coach Maurice Cheeks Prematurely

By Phil Naegely
maurice cheeks fired
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If you thought the Cleveland Browns were foolish for firing head coach Rob Chudzinski after only one season, the Detroit Pistons took stupid moves to the next level. After coaching for 50 games, head coach Maurice Cheeks has been relieved of his duties. This move is pure foolishness by Detroit.

In all honesty, how do you expect a coach to turn around a mediocre team in less than one season? A real general manager wouldn’t. Maybe it is time for Detroit ownership to also fire GM Joe Dumars, who has been with the team since 2000.

Detroit has not been playing that horrible this season. Currently, they sit third in the Central Division and ninth overall in the Eastern Conference. Addtionally, the Pistons are on a two-game winning streak and won three of the last five games.

Detroit has failed to make the playoffs in the past four years, and it looked liked this could have been the case this year. As a result, Cheeks should still be coaching in Detroit.

Cheeks has a history of mismanaging and misusing his players, however, it did not seem to be the case in Detroit. This time around, he was given too little time to turn around a franchise whose golden era is long gone. It takes time to develop talent in the NBA, and Cheeks was not given that prerogative.

All in all, the Pistons should be kicking themselves in the foot for firing Cheeks too soon. It should not comes as a surprise that multiple Pistons players were shocked that he was fired.

Once again, the Pistons look stupid in prematurely firing Cheeks. There is nothing to gain by firing a coach mid-season in this situation. All momentum and success from this season will be halted with Cheeks’ dismissal.

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