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5 Reasons Why NBA Should Adopt A 20-Year-Old Age Limit

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5 Reasons Why NBA Should Adopt A 20-Year-Old Age Limit

NBA 20-Year-Old Age Limit
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The NBA has been struggling with its age limit for years now. After a few players came straight from high school to the pros and had success, we saw more and more young players push the line and come into the league way before they were ready. Those players had their careers hurt, and the NBA saw the product on the court suffer as well.

After so many players got drafted before they were ready, the league instituted the current one-and-done rule. It’s helped the league so far. We get to see players against college competition for at least one year before NBA teams have to make a decision on whether or not to draft them. We’ve seen less busts and better play, but the league should take it another step forward and extend the age limit to 20-years-old.

Everyone would benefit from raising the age limit. The league, of course, and college basketball for sure, but even the players themselves. So many of them bolt early for the NBA because they don’t want to play in college for free. But that isn’t the fault of the NBA. The players should get paid to play in college, but the fact that they don’t is no reason why the NBA should have to absorb them before they’re ready to play in the pros.

The NBA has staked its claim as the second best sport in America. It won’t overtake football, either pro or college, anytime soon, but they are in a good spot right now. If they want to stay that way, they need to avoid diluting the league with too many young players who aren’t good enough to be there.

Raising the age limit to 20 makes a lot of sense for the NBA, and these are five reasons why.

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5. The Draft Would Be Much More Interesting

NBA Draft
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Right now the NBA Draft is a joke. Teams are just taking chances on a bunch of young, unproven guys with potential. With a 20-year-old age limit, we can once again watch them take players we've actually seen play well.

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4. College Basketball Would Be Much Better

College Basketball
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It might not seem like this should matter to the NBA, but it does. If the college game gets better -- and it would if most NBA-caliber players stayed in school for two years -- then the general level of interest in basketball would skyrocket.

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3. It Works For The NFL

NFL Age Limit
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The NFL has a strict 21-year-old age limit which keeps their game at its best. Pro football is the king of the sports landscape for many reasons, and keeping players in college until they're truly ready is one of them.

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2. It Would Mean More Spots For Quality Veterans

Quality NBA Veterans
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The less roster spots taken up by young players who aren't ready for the big time yet, the more productive veterans we'll get. That will only raise the level of play and the quality of the basketball we get at the NBA level.

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1. The Players Would Be More Ready For The NBA

Ready For The NBA
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This is the most obvious reason, but it's also the most important one. Both on and off the court, another year in college would help the young men coming into the league be more successful.