Boston Celtics Need Serious Help Scoring

By Jared Hughes
Mark L. Baer – USA TODAY Sports

Since the “Big 3” era, the Boston Celtics have struggled to score the basketball. Scoring was never a problem in Boston with all the offensive machines they have had throughout the years. With John Havlicek, Larry Bird, Paul Pierce, Robert Parish, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and even Antoine Walker, the Celtics have had marksmen. In 2014 that isn’t the story for this ball club.

Averaging just 95 ppg, the Celtics are not a great offensive team. Their leading scorer is Jeff Green who is averaging 16.3 ppg. Given the profound scoring history of the Celtics, this is an unfamiliar stage. They will not have a long playoff run failing to score. Sometimes I wonder who the Celtics could rely upon to score with all the inconsistency they have. The star player, Rajon Rondo, doesn’t have a knack for being a big time scorer, and everyone else on the roster is inconsistent. Although they do have offensive problems, I see them improving down the line.

Since the Golden State Warriors are allegedly shopping everyone except Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut, I think Klay Thompson would solve a lot of problems for the Celtics. He is averaging just under 19 a game with the Warriors, and I really see him blossoming on a weaker team with a better play-making point guard. I think he could bump his scoring average up to 20 or more with the Celtics. I’m not saying this addition could happen, but depending on the financial standpoint, I believe this is something they should look into.

This is a rebuilding year for the Celtics, and they are doing better than expected. As a fan, I am used to seeing high octane offense in players like Pierce, Garnett, Allen and Walker. The current roster and its leading scorers need to embrace what has been done and find a way to score the rock! They are decent defensively, but having a leading scorer of 16 ppg isn’t going to get the job done.

Green shows flashes of brilliance but looks so average in some games. Next to Green, Jared Sullinger is a pretty decent scorer but is inconsistent as well. That leaves Rondo to take over both play-making and scoring. If he can improve the Celtics’ scoring by knocking down those given jump shots and increasing his scoring average, that would solidify him as a max player and in the conversation with the top 3-5 point guards in the NBA.

Until then, Danny Ainge must think of a solution to enhance the offensive struggles.

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