Boston Celtics Should Not Trade Rajon Rondo

By Michael Terrill
Boston Celtics Should Not Trade Rajon Rondo
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There is still plenty of chatter that the Boston Celtics are willing to trade point guard Rajon Rondo for the right price. We have since learned that the price is a legitimate superstar from any team willing to make an offer. One team in particular that has their eyes set on Rondo is the New York Knicks. Regardless, the Celtics would be foolish to deal Rondo prior to the NBA trade deadline.

Even though New York has several players worthy of a trade, none of them match up to what Rondo provides. Obviously, it’s one thing if the Knicks wanted to go crazy with an offer. However, I just don’t see a franchise that already has huge problems in the present giving up the future for one player with a history of injuries. On the other hand, New York wants to shake things up, which means they just might make a lucrative proposal.

Boston general manager Danny Ainge has admitted there have been inquiries regarding Rondo, but none of them have warranted anything too serious. The reason being is no team has been anxious enough to offer a superstar, especially with the trade deadline still over a week away.  On top of that, Rondo doesn’t want to leave the Celtics, or at least he hasn’t mentioned anything about it. For him, it simply makes more sense to sit tight and wait for free agency in 2015.

If Boston does get an overwhelming bid that would be crazy to pass up, then yes, Ainge needs to pull the trigger. For all purposes, the Celtics will be in rebuild mode this summer anyways, which means removing Rondo from the picture for the right price wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. That is especially true if Boston doesn’t believe they will be able to retain him two summers from now.

The Celtics are in a great position with plenty of options going forward. Trading Rondo for anything less than a jaw-dropping offer would be insane.

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