Dwight Howard Taking Huge Loss on Orlando Mansion

By Andrew Fisher
Dwight Howard
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Dwight Howard‘s time in Orlando didn’t exactly end well. For the longest time before his departure, rumors swirled regarding where he might be traded. On top of that, there was drama between him and then Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy. But here we are two years and two teams later, and it appears that Howard is finally free from the city of Orlando. However, his departure isn’t coming without its price.

According to TMZ, Howard just put his former Orlando mansion up for sale. Originally, he purchased the 11,000-square foot home in 2008 for $7.78 million. However, the sale price is a far cry from the purchase price. How much of a difference? Oh, just about $3 million.

That’s right, the giant home can be yours for a cool $4.9 mil.

I suppose it’s worth it if you have the money, because the home reportedly includes: a temperature controlled wine cellar, a tiered movie theater, a covered patio with fireplace and entertainment center, a pool with water slides and a lazy river. Wow.

As far as Howard’s career move to Houston, I’d say it’s worked out for him. He’s much more likely to win a title with the Rockets and he’s getting some great tutelage from Kevin McHale and Hakeem Olajuwon along the way. I think his ceiling got a lot higher once he left L.A. and he fully embraced playing in a place like Houston.

As for the Magic, they’re not exactly better off without him. However, his heart wasn’t in Orlando anymore, so the team did the right thing to trade him.


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