Have Cleveland Cavaliers Found The Way to Win?

By kennethbrown
Geoff Burke- USA TODAY Sports

At times, it has seemed like the Cleveland Cavaliers were physically incapable of finding a way to win, but since firing GM Chris Grant, they have won two straight games, which could be the start of a real turnaround for them. Now, it’s harsh to say Grant was the root of their problems, but it would appear evident if this winning momentum continues.

The Cavaliers showed off their impressive offensive skills in their 115-113 win over the Washington Wizards, and then proved they could be defensively solid too during their 91-83 overtime victory over the Memphis Grizzlies. It’s this kind of consistency that the Cavaliers have been seeking. They faced two different teams with two completely different games, but they rose to the challenge both times and found what was needed to win.

It was these kind of intelligent displays that convinced the Cavaliers to hire Mike Brown for a second time, though fans haven’t really seen a lot to convince them that his return was for the good of the team. Although it’s incredibly early and many things can and usually do go wrong, the Cavaliers must build on this or face the wrath of their fans.

In the coming weeks, the Cavaliers will be able to show whether they’re heading for another high lottery pick or making a late playoff push. Either way, there will be benefits for the franchise, but it’s safe to say the Cavaliers would rather make a playoff appearance if possible.

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