Joakim Noah Tweets Common Displeasure Toward Sea World

By RanterX
Joakim Noah
Greg M. Cooper – USA TODAY Sports

We don’t know if Joakim Noah has recently been to Sea World, but it’s pretty safe assumption that he has recently seen Blackfish, which is a documentary about the way orcas (killer whales) are treated in captivity at Sea World and other similar marine life amusement parks. The Chicago Bulls’ outspoken center tweeted his short, simple opinion of Sea World on Monday afternoon:

Now again, Noah hasn’t elaborated and we’re just speculation that he recently watched Blackfish on Netflix but if you’ve seen the documentary and you have a soul, then you’re likely not planning any trips to Sea World anytime soon. The documentary suggests the animals in captivity are treated extremely poorly and their demeanors are very low compared to their relatives in the wild. Blackfish also suggests that the employees at Sea World provide false information to their customers when asked about these seemingly tortuous conditions.

Although not everyone who tweets their frustration with Sea World is going to use the “f” word toward the park and not all of those who do are going to be noticed like Noah, but it’s safe to say there’s a growing population of Sea World haters and the endorsement of the movement by someone of Noah’s status can only expedite its growth. One thing is for certain: You won’t see the Bulls’ center at your local Sea World location anytime soon.

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