LeBron James Further Angers Fans By Putting On Dunk Show After Practice

By Andrew Fisher
Lebron James
USA Today Sports

LeBron James has basically put his foot down at this point. He’s not going to enter the NBA Dunk Contest. Year after year, fans across the country hope that the best basketball player in the world will enter the contest. But year after year, he declines. 2014 is no different. James is not part of the event once again, but that isn’t stopping him from showing off his dunking skills.

Check out this video from a recent Miami Heat practice, where LBJ certainly isn’t holding back:

So with all those tricks in his bag, why won’t he enter? Why!?

I don’t have an answer to that question. I don’t know if anyone besides James does. It seems he’s fully confident in his abilities and he clearly doesn’t have a shortage of tricks in his bag. A reporter was even asking Dwyane Wade if LBJ would win the dunk contest if he entered, and LBJ interrupted to say, ‘I’d win.’ Then why don’t you just shut everybody up and do it?

James would be favored to win if he entered this year’s contest, but not by much. Paul George has proven that he’s a dynamic dunker and so have the rest of the contestants. But it’s one thing to dunk in practice, it’s another to do it in front of America. Maybe that’s what’s holding James back? Perhaps he doesn’t want to risk losing and never hearing the end of it. Because anything other than a first place finish, would be a huge failure for The King.


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