2014 NBA Trade Deadline: Flip Saunders Says Draft Could Affect Number of Deals

By Cody Williams
Saunders Trade Deadline
Jordan Johnson – Getty Images

The rumor mill is swirling, as is the norm leading up to the NBA Trade Deadline. Around this time of year it seems like there is a new team linked to a new player that gets people talking. In the world of Twitter and social media, this deadline circus has never been more accessible and visible.

You’ve probably heard the names being thrown around by now, just nine days away from the Feb. 20 deadline. Names like Greg Monroe, anyone on the Philadelphia 76ers, Brandon Bass and many others have been thrown around in recent weeks. However, that doesn’t mean any of those deals will come to fruition. In fact, Minnesota Timberwolves president of basketball operations Flip Saunders doesn’t believe many deals will materialize at the deadline.

In a report from the Pioneer Press, Saunders said that there is “nothing imminent” for the Wolves leading up to the trade deadline. The interesting bit from the report, though, is that Saunders said that there is hesitance for front offices around the NBA to trade due to the high value being placed on draft picks for this year. The 2014 NBA Draft is projected to have one of the strongest classes in the past couple of decades, meaning that teams don’t want to risk sending away picks in a potential deal.

Saunders brings up a good, relevant point about the deadline. While there is interest on the part of teams being reported, the way draft picks are viewed right now could lead to a quiet deadline. Teams like the Sixers are looking for picks if they’re going to make a deal, which could figure into how much noise they actually make. We’ll see if things liven up or if things stay as stale as Saunders say they are over the next week.

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