Brooklyn Nets Need to Go Into All-Star Break on High Note

By Alexander Skydel
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets still have two games remaining until the All-Star break and would love to finish this stretch on a high note. With wins against the Charlotte Bobcats on Wednesday and Chicago Bulls on Thursday, the Nets could move up in the standings to the fifth or sixth seed, which would mean a lot considering how terrible the Nets began the season.

At 10-21, the Nets looked like a defeated team headed closer to rock bottom than anywhere close to even an eighth seed in the Eastern Conference standings. That 21st loss took place on Dec. 31 in San Antonio where the Nets were blown right out of the building by the San Antonio Spurs 113-92. But instead of giving up and accepting defeat, the Nets kept fighting. Two nights later, the Nets had a huge comeback victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder in Oklahoma City on a Joe Johnson buzzer-beater. After that shot, something happened to the players on the Nets. They finally woke up and became a new team in a new year.

Since that win over the Thunder on Jan. 2, the Nets are 13-5 and right back in the thick of things in a weak Eastern Conference with a chance to gain more ground during these next two games right before the All-Star break. After these two games, head coach Jason Kidd could then give his players the rest that they need and deserve. Deron Williams can rest his ankles, Andrei Kirilenko can rest his back and Kevin Garnett can get the rest that Kidd keeps insisting that Garnett needs when he sits him on the second game of back-to-backs.

The 13 wins that the Nets have in 2014 haven’t all been against bad teams in the NBA which makes this stretch even more impressive. The Nets have posted victories over the Golden State WarriorsMiami Heat, Thunder, Spurs and Atlanta Hawks twice. If the Nets can defeat the Bobcats and Bulls in these next two two games leading  up to the All-Star break, the Nets would go into the break on a 15-5 run and ready to keep moving up in the standings as the season continues afterward.

If the Nets lose these next two games, it could be devastating as they head out to the west coast immediately following the All-Star break for a six-game road trip. Wednesday night against the Bobcats will show just how mentally tough the Nets really are and whether they can sustain this impressive run that they have been on.

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