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Dwyane Wade is Right: LeBron James in Dunk Contest Would Be Must-See

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Lebron James

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LeBron James remains the topic of conversation when it comes to the dunk contest, even though he’s not in it.

On Monday he decided to partake in an after practice dunk contest routine, which of course went viral. The reason it went viral is simple — when James dunks, people watch.

Dwyane Wade summed this up recently, when he was asked what would happen if LBJ decided to enter the dunk contest:

“It’d be one of the most watched events of the year.”

Wade is pretty much right on the money with his comment. While I don’t think it would technically be one of the most watched events of the year, because nothing in the NBA draws like the NFL does, it would still be must-see TV. It’s possible that it would be the most watched dunk contest in history.

Unfortunately for basketball fans across the globe, James just isn’t into the idea of participating in the annual event. Some think he’s scared of the backlash if he doesn’t win and some think he just doesn’t want to bother with participating. But no matter your opinion as to why he doesn’t partake, there’s no denying that nearly all basketball fans would take notice if he had a change of heart.

If LBJ is truly set on not participating in the dunk contest, he needs to declare once and for all that it will never happen. At least then it would cut down on some of the chatter. Until then, the speculation will continue.


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