Magic Johnson Clears Up Myths About His HIV Diagnosis

By Andrew Fisher
Magic Johnson
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Most of us have heard some sort of rumor regarding Magic Johnson and his HIV diagnosis/status. You’ll hear people say, ‘he doesn’t even have it anymore.’ Or, ‘he’s only doing so well because he’s rich.’ Well, Magic is apparently tired of hearing those rumors.

Check out this video from a recent interview Johnson did, where he openly addresses his HIV status and sets the record straight:

“I do have it and have had it for 22 years, it’s just laying asleep in my body.”

So there you have it, Magic hasn’t been magically cured by a really expensive drug or by a doctor from Kenya. He’s just like everybody else with the virus, in that it’s never going to leave his body completely. However, through all the medical advances in the last 30 years, he’s able to live a normal life with the virus inside of him.

Has his money helped him get to this point? Absolutely it has. Magic has been getting top-notch medical care from the first second he was diagnosed back in 1991. He’s stayed ahead of the virus and as a result, he’s still with us today. But the reality is that most people diagnosed with HIV can’t afford the type of care that Magic has received. What he’s saying today is true — all people have access to the same drugs. But it’s foolish to believe that everyone can afford top notch treatment.

Regardless, the point here is that rumors of a ‘magic’ HIV cure just aren’t true. But hopefully we don’t have to go too much longer before there is an actual wonder drug for those with the terrible virus.


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