Multiple Moves Looming for Boston Celtics

By Michael LeDuc
Brandon Bass
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The Boston Celtics have won four of their last five games and have slipped to only the 8th-worst record in the NBA. With the recent ease in schedule, Boston is losing ping-pong balls by the day. It’s imperative that this team gains an opportunity to obtain a Top-5 pick in the draft. Luckily, a tough set of games is coming the Celtics’ direction, so it is nothing to be apprehensive about. However, teams like the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers are beginning to tank to the max. In order to keep up with the bad teams of the East, the Celtics need to make a few moves before the deadline.

GM Danny Ainge has shown that he is not tentative when it comes to making trades. He has already traded away Jordan Crawford and Courtney Lee, key pieces to the Celtics’ success. Rumors have surfaced that a number of teams are interested in Jeff Green and Brandon Bass. Bass and Green are terrific pieces to a competitive team, but they only slow down the rebuilding process of a team like the Celtics. Ainge needs to make a deal if he wants to keep his lottery hopes alive.

Bass is owed roughly $13 million over the next two years while Green is under contract until the 2015-16 season. It should be an obligation for Ainge to shed their cap numbers and make an effort to acquire young talent or draft picks in return. Bass and Green could potentially bring back respectable value, especially with Green’s recent surge.

For a team with a championship in their sights, Bass or Green could be that piece that puts them over the top. While I believe Bass is extremely expendable, I’m a bit hesitant with Green. Boston should want to trade Bass for cap relief and to free themselves of a solid contributor for sake of their record.

However, Green isn’t the type of player they should trade solely for cap relief. He should be held onto in order to include him in a much more significant deal. In other words, you don’t want to give up Green for scraps like you might do with Bass. Green’s salary number and talent is perfect to be used in a package deal for a star player in the future.

Nonetheless, we should expect multiples moves from Ainge in the coming weeks. Moving pieces is essential in order for team to go through a true rebuilding process.

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