Sacramento Kings Need Isaiah Thomas To Elevate His Game Even Higher

By Karim Akbar
Kevin Jairaj – USA TODAY Sports

We need more, and that’s saying a lot. It’s unfair to ask Isaiah Thomas for even more production. He’s been a fantasy stud for you all season, hasn’t he? I mean the guy only beat out management’s replacement of Greivis Vasquez while improving upon his assist numbers (6.2 per game). But if the Sacramento Kings want to speed up the rebuilding process, they’ll need much more out of Thomas.

A director is responsible for the final images and the creative decisions of a feature length film. Likewise, a point guard is responsible for all creative decisions on the court, and Thomas’ decisions have often been poor. Thomas hoisted up 23 shots to score 24 points in a loss to the Boston Celtics, and his tendency to hold onto the ball leads to turnovers and poor shot selection. Admittedly, Isaiah knows he has to pick his spots better which is something he elaborated on with the Sacramento Bee’s Jason Jones.

“A lot of times, we were just loose with the ball, telegraphing passes. We’ve just got to eliminate those.”

Eliminating those turnovers and boosting assist numbers would definitely lead to more wins. Sacramento ranks 12th overall in rebounding and 13th in scoring with 101 points per game. But the Kings struggle to pass the ball — 29th overall — and fail to defend giving up 103.5 points a game, glaring deficiencies that hold this young team back.

The best Sacramento teams from the Kings’ heyday were fun to watch because the Princeton offense put emphasis on furious cuts and precise backdoor passes. Those teams played for the brother next to him. This team needs to channel that — easier said than done I know. Mike Bibby, Chris Webber and Vlade Divac aren’t walking through that tunnel, but the feat is easily doable and it all starts with Thomas.

If Isaiah Thomas and the rest of the Kings won’t play defense then maybe the front office will have to bring in some players who will. That likely means Jimmer Fredette and Marcus Thornton could be trade fodder for some proven defenders which is something that would help the Kings immediately.

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