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20 Reasons You Know You’re A Boston Celtics Fan

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20 Reasons You Know You're A Boston Celtics Fan

Boston Celtics Fan
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The Boston Celtics are the most storied franchise in all of sports. Winners of 17 NBA Championships during their historic existence, the Celtics are have built winners in five of the last six decades. And the best part is if you’re reading this most likely you’re a Celtics fan.

Being a Celtics fan is great. Some of the best players to play the game have worn the jersey of your favorite team. From Bill Russell to Larry Bird to Paul Pierce, the Celtics are constantly fielding teams that include the best players of their era.

All this winning and all of these great players have given Celtics fans a certain level of pride -- or, as some may call it, arrogance. But is it really being arrogant when your team actually does win that much?

And really that’s what it all comes down to for Boston fans. We’re used to winning, and we don’t accept anything less. Sure, we can endure a few seasons of bad play to get back to the top, but the idea that the Celtics would go a long time without competing for a title is unheard of. Which is exactly why we all just pretend like the 1990s didn’t really happen.

Being a Celtics fan is great. Your team is usually good, and even when they’re not good they give you players who are fun and interesting to root for. There have been plenty of good days in the past, and there will be plenty of good days ahead in the future.

These are the 20 reasons why you know you’re a Boston Celtics fan. Go Green!

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20. You May Bleed Green, But You Love Red

Red Auerbach
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Red Auerbach is the patron saint of the Celtics. Revered in Boston, Red will always be the heart and soul of the team.

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19. You Know What The Real Boston Garden Was

Boston Garden
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The original Boston Garden was the best home court in all of basketball until it was replaced by the new stadium. The TD Bank whatever may still be called the Garden, but Celtics fans know what the real Garden was.

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18. You Still Wonder What Tim Duncan Would Have Looked Like In Green

Tim Duncan
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Tim Duncan was supposed to be a Celtic. The draft lottery has never been kind to the Green Team, and Celtics fans have never been able to let go of the hurt they felt watching the future Hall of Famer slip through their fingers.

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17. Rick Pitino Almost Ruined Basketball For You

Rick Pitino
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We were all so excited for Rick Pitino and his up-tempo style to take the NBA by storm. It never worked, Pitino was a huge bust in the NBA and it set the franchise back a good decade or so.

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16. You Know How To Properly Pronounce The Name Walter

Walter McCarthy
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Thanks to Tommy Heinsohn and his emotional style of calling Celtics games, you'll never say the name Walter any other way than Waltaaah!

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15. 33 Is Your Favorite Number

Larry Bird
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Numbers hold special significance for all of us, especially in sports. For Celtics fans, no number looms larger than 33.

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14. You Still Think Dee Brown Was Underrated

Dee Brown
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The man could dunk with his eyes closed after all, and it wasn't just the pumps, either -- but man were they cool.

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13. You'll Never Admit How Good Kobe Bryant Is

Kobe Bryant
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He plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, so you can't like him. It's just the way it goes.

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12. Ray Allen Is Not Welcomed Back

Ray Allen
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Players can leave the Celtics and go to other teams and still be loved in Boston -- just ask Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. But when you go to a rival team, that just doesn't fly.

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11. At Least Once You've "Gone Garnett" On Something For Fun

Kevin Garnett
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A favorite pastime of Celtics fans, it doesn't matter what draws your emotional outburst. It can be the guy in the next lane who won't let you pass or just some really good oatmeal you had for breakfast; getting all Garnett is always fun.

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10. You Still Own A Beat LA T-Shirt

Beat LA T-Shirt
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While most of the Celtics fans aren't old enough to remember where this saying comes from, it still rings true in Boston. Plus, we do it so often it still works.

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9. You Know At Least One Person Who Thinks John Havlicek Is The Best Ever

John Havlicek
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Hondo is beloved amongst older Boston fans, and some will tell you that he is the best Celtic to ever play.

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8. Just The Thought Of The Draft Lottery Gives You Chills

NBA Draft Lottery
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Every time the Celtics tank hard enough to be in line for a top pick the lottery punishes them. It's happened twice now in historic fashion. Once they lost out on Tim Duncan and another time they lost out on Kevin Durant.

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7. It Was A Foul, Even When It Wasn't

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Boston fans love to blame the refs for every loss. This one mainly gets blamed on Tommy Heinsohn and his blatant homerism, but really we've been seeing phantom fouls for years.

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6. You Want To Shoot Hopes In French Lick At Least Once In Your Lifetime

French Lick
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Larry Bird made French Lick, Ind. a famous place. Shooting some hoops on an old basket in the rural town is on every Celtics fan's bucket list.

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5. You Find Yourself Agreeing With Tommy Heinsohn

Tommy Heinsohn
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Whether you love him or can't stand him, Tommy Heinsohn is the narrator of your Celtics experience. Sure, most of the stuff he says is just plain crazy, but you still talk yourself into believing every Celtic to take the floor really could be a future Hall of Famer.

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4. You Know That Only Championships Matter

NBA Championships
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Oh, your team made the playoffs? How cute. Show me your rafters and we can talk.

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3. You Know Bill Russell Was Better Than Wilt Chamberlain

Bill Russell Wilt Chamberlain
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Bill Russell is the ultimate winner in all of sports. His rival was always the dominant Wilt Chamberlain, but any true Boston fan knows that winning is the real measure of an athlete.

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2. The 1980s Were The Best Decade For Basketball, Even If You Weren't Born To See It

'80s Basketball
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The 1980s were the best decade for NBA basketball. Magic and Larry led the league to a place it had never been. They ushered in an era where basketball players were international superstars, and every Celtics fan knows that those were the glory days of not only the Celtics, but the NBA as a whole.

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1. There's Nothing Better To You Than A Victory Cigar

Victory Cigar
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Red may not have invented it, but he made it famous. Lighting up that cigar means you've secured your victory, and nothing feels better than winning.