Brooklyn Nets vs. Chicago Bulls Thursday Game Preview, TV Schedule and Betting Line

By Dave Daniels
Derrick Rose
Jonathan Daniel – Getty Images

The Brooklyn Nets tip off against the Chicago Bulls at 8 PM EST on Thursday, and if you were seeking the TV info then do not look any further.

TV: TNT, DTV: 245

You know what this one means; my DVR is set and so will be looking at all of the footage in the next day or two. For the Bulls, point guard D.J. Augustin has been a revelation lately and his teammates have been speaking up about it.

“On the court, he’s one hell of a player,” Jimmy Butler said about Augustin. “He does so much well, getting into the paint, finding open guys, getting to the rim. And please don’t let him get his feet set because I think it’s going in 100 percent of the time.”

The Bulls are favored (-4), and would pick them to cover the spread against this Nets’ team that just cannot catch a break as far as injuries go. That does tend to happen when you rely so exclusively on veterans though, so it is not like these issues were invisible to the squad as season’s beginning. This team just shows that you cannot buy a championship roster in basketball like you can in baseball, and it seems the Nets’ ownership group has a bit to learn about managing their expectations in the future. Maybe a beatdown by the Bulls will be the best medicine for them at the moment, but we will have to wait and see. Two more pieces coming at you tonight, and then will throw on the Marvin Gaye record just picked up.

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