Chicago Bulls Desperately Need to Fix Their Offense

By Tracy Martin
Derrick Rose
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The Chicago Bulls are one of the most complex teams in the NBA. They have the second-best defense in the league with a defensive efficiency rating of 98.1, yet they also have the 28th worst offense. The Bulls are currently stuck in the middle of the NBA standings at 26-25, barely reaching above .500 this year.

This perplexing statistic just proves one thing. The age-old adage of “defense wins championships” is not always true. A strong offense is required to help a defensive-minded team cover all of its bases. What is the best way for this problem to get addressed in Chicago? Luckily for the Bulls, an answer is within reach, but it would take some work finding it, namely through trades and signings.

Coach Tom Thibodeau should not have fingers pointed at him for the team’s poor offensive showings. The Bulls defensive-minded game plan does not take away from their offense. When it comes down to it, the Bulls just do not have any offensive threats on the floor. The best player they have right now, Joakim Noah, is put to better use on defense than on offense. Chicago is missing an efficient scorer, doubly more so with Derrick Rose‘s absence.

Before being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Luol Deng was one of the main forces of the Bulls’ offense, but he only did what he could. He was not much of an offensive threat this year, having a field goal percentage of .452, slightly below his career average.

However, Chicago is not completely without scorers on its team. D.J. Augustin and Jimmy Butler have shown improvements in their offensive game this year. Augustin has a .416 field goal percentage and shoots 13.8 points per game, while Butler has a .372 field goal percentage and 12.3 points per game. These numbers are not show-stopping by any means, but definitely serviceable for what the team needs right now.

An efficient defense is something that should always be lauded, but a capable offense is just as important in winning championships.

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