Cleveland Cavaliers Get Revenge on Sacramento Kings

By kennethbrown
David Richard- USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a season full of ups and downs for the Cleveland Cavaliers which looks to continue for the foreseeable future. A few weeks back the Cavaliers lost by 44 points to the Sacramento Kings, but they were able to take their revenge with a 109-99 win Tuesday night. Slowly but surely everything seems to be progressing nicely for the Cavaliers.

That’s three straight wins since they fired former general manager Chris Grant. The players seem to have responded in a positive manner. Luol Deng led the Cavaliers with 22 points, and the troubled Dion Waiters chipped in with 20. This was a team effort and it seems every player wants to get involved, including the much discussed No. 1 draft pick Anthony Bennett. Bennett has struggled for the majority of the season, but he had a great game with 19 points and 10 rebounds.

Slowly the Cavaliers are seeing rewards from being patient with their troubled stars. The team will be hoping their three-game winning run is the start of a consistent finish to season and not a false dawn as experienced on a few other occasions.

What’s different this time, you ask? The Cavaliers are showing heart, effort and determination, and they have gotten through troubled times and injuries in the past few days. This is a sign of a good team — or at least one that wants to improve as badly as its fans do. The Cavaliers can rest at the All-Star break and hopefully come back to finish the season in style with a possible playoff spot still in reach.

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