NBA Celebrity All-Star Game 2014: Kevin Hart Vows To Whip Out His 'Weapon'

By Andrew Fisher
Kevin Hart
Getty Images

“I suggest you get your blur signs ready cause I’m gonna let it all hang out.”

That’s what Kevin Hart is saying about his upcoming appearance in the 2014 NBA Celebrity All-Star Game. When he says that he’s going to let it all hang it out, he’s not kidding (maybe). Hart says that if he wins the MVP award for the third straight year, that he’s going to pull out his ‘weapon’.

Here’s Hart on the Jim Rome Show explaining what that means:

So there you have it. Kevin Hart is going to get naked if he wins an unprecedented third Celebrity Game MVP award. I’m sure ESPN will be thrilled if that’s what actually happens. However, this is very likely just another case of Hart being Hart. He gets paid millions of dollars to make people laugh, and he does it by being over the top. These comments are just that — over the top.

But if you’re going to look at the positive side of this, it’s that Hart has people talking about the game. He’s the biggest star in the contest and the returning MVP, so it’s his job to draw attention to the event. Comments like the ones he made to Rome are going to do just that.

I’m calling BS, but I don’t rule out the possibility that he’ll fake getting nude if he wins the award. Maybe he’ll have a nude suit on underneath his uniform, who knows? But I’ll bet that he does something during the game that sets social media on fire.


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