Reason Cleveland Cavaliers Decided to Trade Andrew Bynum Revealed

By Andrew Fisher
Andrew Bynum
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Andrew Bynum‘s stay with the Cleveland Cavaliers didn’t last long. The team knew it was a risk to bring him in (after they watched him sit on the bench in Philly for an entire season), so they obviously planned ahead by structuring his contract in a safe way. The Cavs ultimately dealt Bynum out of town before he earned the majority of his 2013-14 salary, but details of that situation were unknown. That is, until now.

Adrian Wojnarowski is reporting that the Cavs decided to deal Bynum when he became a nuisance in practice. How was Bynum a nuisance? He apparently would shoot the ball immediately after he got it, no matter where he was on the court. So when the Cavs were scrimmaging and Bynum got the ball, he just heaved it up from wherever. Wow.

So as it turns out, the Cavs had a very good reason to kick the troubled center to the curb. Most of us just assumed they traded him because his heart wasn’t in Cleveland, which is true, but it seems we had no idea of the extent to which his heart was not in it.

Now, Bynum has landed with the first place Indiana Packers. Shockingly enough, he’s still a few weeks away from playing in a game. I’m not convinced that he’ll ever suit up for the Pacers. I’ll believe it when I see it.

There’s no doubt the Bynum has had some legitimate leg problems, but it’s becoming more and more clear that his troubles lie squarely between his ears.


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