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15 Reasons Why You Know You’re a Fan of the New York Knicks

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15 Reasons Why You Know You're a Fan of the New York Knicks

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The New York Knicks are one of the most recognized sports franchises in the world, and they come with a loyal and passionate fan base. Like most of the New York area teams, the Knicks and their players tend to get overrated nationally, but the fans are among the most faithful in the NBA and believe that they can contend each and every year.

The Knicks have had quite a few Hall of Fame players and coaches come through town, but it has only resulted in two championships, with the last coming in 1973. That fact stings Knicks fans, because they believe that their team should be able to compete with anyone.

However, Knicks fans tend to be true fans of the game of basketball, in part because they are lucky enough to watch their team play at Madison Square Garden, an arena that has seen many a memorable night in basketball and other areas.

Any Knicks fans will recognize the moments on this list and the emotions they bring out, and these are some of the many ups and downs that come with supporting this franchise. Despite all the flaws in their franchise, Knicks fans keep coming back for more, and they are one of the best fan bases in the NBA.

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15. You're Well Informed

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Maybe some other fan bases won’t agree with this, but the truth is that Knicks fans generally have a very good knowledge of the game and its history, and they will be the first to applaud greatness from their team or their opponents. Not a lot of fan bases can say that.

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14. You Might be the Only One Who Doesn't Believe the Draft Lottery Was Rigged

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1985 was the first year the NBA Draft used the lottery system, and the Knicks won the first pick and the right to select Patrick Ewing. In the years since, many conspiracy theorists have argued the draft was rigged. Knicks fans, however, believe this was a stroke of luck for a franchise that really needed one. Or they just don’t care that it might have been rigged. Actually, let’s go with that one.

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13. You Think Every Star Should Sign With Your Team

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Knicks fans are very similar to Los Angeles Lakers fans in their belief that every star free agent should join their team. Just look at the shock when LeBron James passed on the Knicks, and the weekly rumors about which star the Knicks are planning on adding in the next few years. Even if it’s not realistic, Knicks fans believe everyone should want to play for their team.

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12. You Have No Hope for the Draft

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The draft is a yearly reminder of why the Knicks haven’t won a championship in 41 years. The Knicks haven’t drafted a star since Mark Jackson in 1987, and most of the good players they’ve drafted have only gotten good once they left New York. Of course, the new organizational theory is to trade away all future picks so they can’t screw them up. There’s a reason Knicks fans are booing every draft day.

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11. You Would do Anything to Play on this Court

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Madison Square Garden is widely known as “The Mecca”, and any basketball fan would love to play on that court. It hits a little closer to home for Knicks fans who grew up in its shadow and have sat in the seats. Every Knicks fan has dreamed of setting foot on such a legendary court.

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10. You Never Get Tired of the Willis Reed Story

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In Game 7 of the 1970 NBA Finals, Willis Reed shocked everyone by walking onto the court with a torn thigh muscle and starting the game. Reed scored the first two baskets, inspiring the Knicks and helping them to their first NBA Championship (thanks to a monster game from Walt Frazier). Reed personifies toughness and leadership to Knicks fans.

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9. You Prefer Walt Frazier to Dr. Seuss

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Many NBA fans remember Walt “Clyde” Frazier as a Hall of Fame point guard, but Knicks fans also love him as the team’s color commentator on MSG Network. For Knicks fans, the best rhymes aren’t ones from children books, but instead Frazier’s signature phrases like “dishing and swishing”, “bounding and astounding” and “posting and toasting”.

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8. You Forget Isiah Thomas Was a Player

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Isiah Thomas was a Hall of Fame player and one of the greatest point guards ever, but Knicks fans can’t remember any of that. All Knicks fans can think of his Isiah’s five years in control of the Knicks when he literally didn’t make one logical or correct decision. Many Knicks fans will argue Thomas may be the single worst general manager in sports history.

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7. Spike Lee is Like Your Crazy but Loveable Uncle

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No Knicks game is complete without Spike Lee’s crazy behavior on the sidelines, and Knicks supporters love watching our most famous fan heckle refs and players. Fans of other teams might think Lee has a couple screws loose, but Knicks fans think he’s great.

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6. You Believe Legends are Made at the Garden

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The Garden is where the Knicks’ franchise icons have achieved their greatness, including Walt Frazier, Earl Monroe, Bernard King and Patrick Ewing. However, many an opposing player has turned in a defining performance at the Garden. Michael Jordan scored 55 after coming out retirement, Kobe Bryant scored 61, Reggie Miller scored 8 points in 9 seconds, and LeBron James has scored 50 points with a near triple double twice. There are quite a few Hall of Famers that had such memorable nights at the Garden, which seems to bring out the best in the greatest.

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5. Reggie Miller and Alonzo Mourning Make Your Blood Boil

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The Boston Celtics are the Knicks’ traditional rival and the Brooklyn Nets are their current one, but when Patrick Ewing returned the team to relevance the two main enemies were Miller’s Indiana Pacers and Alonzo Mourning’s Miami Heat. Each personified the bad blood between the franchises, with Miller’s back and forth with Spike Lee and Mourning fighting Larry Johnson with Jeff Van Gundy hanging from his leg as the defining moments. No Knicks fan wants to see these two players on their television.

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4. You Honestly Think James Dolan Hates You

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James Dolan is arguably the most incompetent owner the sports world has ever seen. Every decision he makes takes the Knicks from bad to worse, and at this point Knicks fans are left to wonder if he has something against them. There isn’t really another explanation for half the things he does.

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3. You Smile Every Time You See a Four Point Play

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One of the most famous moments in recent Knicks history is Larry Johnson’s four point play in the 1999 Eastern Conference Finals. That may have been a questionable call, but Knicks fans don’t care, and every time they see a four point play it’s hard not to think back to Johnson’s and smile.

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2. John Starks' Dunk on Michael Jordan is Your Favorite Play

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One of the iconic images in Knicks' history is John Starks rising above the Chicago Bulls in the 1993 Eastern Conference Finals for a monster dunk, with none other than Michael Jordan failing to stop him at the rim. Yes, the dunk was more on Horace Grant than Jordan, but no one really cares about that. That is one of the most memorable plays in Knicks history, and one of their few moments of glory against the dominant Bulls teams of the 90s.

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1. It’s Been A Long Time Since You’ve Seen Success, but You Still Believe

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The Knicks have not had much success for a franchise held in such high esteem, with just 5 division titles, 8 conference titles and 2 championships in their 68 year history. However, Knicks fans talk themselves into believing their team is a contender every year, and that is never going to change. Knicks fans may overrate their own players, but that is because they will always have faith.

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