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5 Greatest Dallas Mavericks To Ever Play In NBA All-Star Game

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The 5 Greatest Dallas Mavericks To Ever Play In The NBA All-Star Game

The 5 Greatest Dallas Mavericks To Ever Play In The NBA All-Star Game
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The Dallas Mavericks have been one of the best NBA franchises the last decade of so. They've competed for and won championships. They've also sent their fair share of players to the NBA All-Star Game

But, that wasn't always the case. Before Mark Cuban basically won the internet-era lottery and bought the team, they were the laughingstock of the league. They struggled to put any good players on the court, rarely had an All-Star, and almost never had a winning team.

Thankfully for those in Dallas, those days are long gone, and now the team boasts some great players in their recent history. Capped with a championship just a couple of years ago, Cuban invested heavily in the team and made them a true contender. They draft well, and have stayed away from any really terrible free agent contracts.

With so many good players in the last few years or so, it’s hard to put any players outside the Cuban era in context with what the team has accomplished since his arrival. Rarely did any Dallas player make an All-Star appearance back in those days, but it did happen from time to time. So, the question is, where do those All-Star nods rank amongst the stars of today?

The history of the Dallas Mavericks is not rich with grandeur. They don’t have the same kind of winning history that other teams do, but they've done a lot recently to try and change that.

These are the five greatest Dallas Mavericks ever to play in the NBA All-Star Game.

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5. Michael Finley

Michael Finley NBA All-Star Game
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Michael Finley, much forgotten in NBA circles, had a brief period where he was one of the elite two-way guards in the league. He had a great mid-range jumper, could score in transition and was a lockdown defender. He didn't last long as a top NBA performer, but he did make two All-Star appearances while in Dallas and eventually got an NBA championship ring with the San Antonio Spurs.

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4. Jason Kidd

Jason Kidd NBA All-Star Game
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Jason Kidd began, and for all intents and purposes ended, his career with the Mavericks. His best years came on other teams, but he did a lot to jump start basketball in Dallas during the '90s, and he was a big part of their championship so many years later.

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3. Mark Aguirre

Mark Aguirre NBA All-Star Game
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Another in the long list of players who is better known for accomplishments while playing on other teams, Mark Aguirre got his start in the league on the Mavericks in the early and mid '80s. A volume scorer, Aguirre epitomized the run-and-gun '80s style of play.

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2. Steve Nash

Steve Nash NBA All-Star Game
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Steve Nash may very well be the best player ever to wear a Dallas jersey, but like so many others, he had his best years wearing another team's uniform. Nash got his start in Dallas and had several good years in a three-headed monster that included Michael Finley along with the next man on the list.

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1. Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki NBA All-Star Game
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Dirk Nowitzki is unquestionably the best player to ever play for the Mavericks. Well, he's the player who has had all of his best years while actually playing with the team. One of the elite scorers in the league, he was ahead of his time as a big man who could step out and shoot the 3-point shot.