Chicago Bulls Unlikely to Make Big Changes to Roster This Season

By Tracy Martin
Jimmy Butler
Randy Belice/NBAE via Getty Images

While the Chicago Bulls are definitely in pursuit of a new face to their roster, fans need to be aware that not much is going to change. It’s highly unlikely that the Bulls will make a big move before the trading deadline arrives on Feb. 20.

This assumption is not without significant backing. The Bulls’ front office is notorious in lacking the competence to make trades and signings. Derrick Rose‘s injury earlier this season left the Bulls glaring deficiencies obvious. The team rested solely on Rose’s laurels instead of finding new talent. If the front office were knowledgeable at what they did, the team would be in a better position right now.

If looking at the past is any indication, Bulls fans should not be surprised when the trade deadline passes and the team is more or less the same. But that isn’t to say that changes are not coming down the pipeline. More likely than not, the Bulls are going to pursue their missing pieces this offseason when they have more cap space.

The biggest Bulls trade talk right now is also the least likely. While there are sources claiming the opposite, the New York Knicks will not trade Carmelo Anthony to the Bulls. Such a blockbuster trade would have little benefit to either side. For one, there is no purpose for the Knicks to trade their star player with little to show for it. For the Bulls, they would be in a better place financially to pursue Anthony in the offseason if this is what they wish to do. Anthony will be a free-agent, and contract negotiations should move along more smoothly.

Of course, Bulls fans should be optimistic something will happen but nothing too revolutionary by any means.

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