Overtime Loss A Microcosm Of New York Knicks' 2013-14 Problems

By Mike Smith
Mike Woodson
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks never trailed in the second half of Wednesday night’s game against the Sacramento Kings, and they still lost.

The Kings tied the game in their final possession of the fourth quarter before Carmelo Anthony failed to win the game at the buzzer. Anthony had a very good game, putting up a game-high 36 points, but he was clearly overworked down the stretch and it showed in the closing minutes of the fourth and throughout overtime.

This game was just a microcosm of the Knicks’ problems all season long. They couldn’t make a big play, they couldn’t make a big stop on the defensive end, and they couldn’t get a rebound down the stretch. After Anthony missed a wide-open layup at the beginning of the overtime, 5-foot-9 Isaiah Thomas took a 3-point shot and then got his own offensive rebound, which helped earn the Kings the first points of the overtime and the momentum.

Then in the final minute, after a three from Tim Hardaway, Jr. cut the lead to three, the Knicks decided not to foul despite only about a three-second difference between the shot and game clock. The Kings held the ball almost to the end and made a two-point jump shot, which gave the Knicks no chance in their final possession.

Mike Woodson couldn’t keep the intensity of his team up, and failed to manage the clock correctly on their last defensive possession. In the last two weeks, the Knicks have lost to the worst team in the Western Conference and the worst team overall, and it’s tough to imagine Woodson lasting after this year ends. With recent rumors surrounding the Knicks interest in Phil Jackson, it seems that the team is ready to make a change that might actually make a difference.

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