Sacramento Kings: Jimmer Fredette’s Career Night Should End Trade Talk

Sacramento Kings Jimmer Fredette

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New York native Jimmer Fredette may want to play every NBA game at Madison Square Garden. Fredette popped off in an offensive burst, scoring a career high 24 points against the New York Knicks. It took five extra minutes of overtime, but the Sacramento Kings held on for the 106-101 win. Sacramento is now 16-4 when scoring 105 points or more, but this game was truly about Jimmer’s play and why the trade talk needs to end now.

Clearly, Fredette found his shot tonight, hitting 6-of-8 in the first half. Averaging just five points a game, Fredette’s 13 points off the bench gave the Kings a much-needed shot in the arm. Sacramento looked lethargic defensively and took turns basking in awe of Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks on Wednesday.

Sacramento was already down DeMarcus Cousins, who limped off with an injury; with the Kings in desperate need of extra production, Fredette eased into the role admirably, handing the Kings a winning note heading into the break.

This game alone proves Jimmer’s worth in Sacramento. Sacramento shouldn’t throw in the towel on Fredette, but they just might. This is the same front office that sent Greivis Vasquez away even though he was supposed to be the Kings’ answer for a pure point guard.

To his credit, Jimmer has been a consummate pro regarding this up-in-the-air trade status. Also, the uber-conservative Mormon has never been a distraction or actual detriment to the team. But will it be enough for Fredette to stay in Sacramento?

I say yes, even as I suggested earlier this week that Jimmer and Marcus Thornton could be trade fodder as we approach the trade deadline. Surely the Kings would love to get their hands on a proven defender to improve the Kings’ myriad of problems on that end, but they also aren’t going to accept a low-ball deal. Teams covet Fredette for his 3-point shooting, something that is in high demand for a team contending for a playoff spot.

When it’s all said and done, the Kings could move Fredette for a defender or even trade Rudy Gay away. That sounds like blasphemy seeing as he’s the best piece the Kings have had in a decade, but Gay holds a player option next year and could easily walk, leaving Sacramento with nothing.

On the list of candidates to trade, Jimmer is somewhere near the middle. Who the Kings move remains in the air, but its clear a defensive presence or proven scorer is needed.

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  • Chad Wiggins

    please dont say this… this guy has been so solid all year, and all these losers in sacramento do is waste every ounce of his game…. five min a night for a guy who’s shooting 47% from the floor, 51% from three, and 93% from the line… on a team who is awful…. is down right criminal…. jealous teammates and idiotic coaches looking to be down with the masses have plagued fredettes early years in the league.. he deserves a fair shot away from basketball purgatory where only the selfish reside…

    • Chad Wiggins

      mclemore and thorton have been awful, and both are continuing to triple fredettes min…. UGGGHHHHHH they dont deserve to be able to keep this kid… hopefully he gets traded asap…

  • SammFan

    Free Jimmer.

  • kent webb

    I still don’t know why the worst franchise in the NBA drafted the best college player in the nation only to give him garbage minutes for 3 years while they continued to suck. Thank god they declined his 4th year option. The author of this piece must really hate Jimmer to advocate one more minute of hell wasting on the end of the bench while the rest of the team loses 75% of their games. The kings have nothing to play for but the lottery every year. Why not get something for Jimmer?

  • jacha

    This is nothing new. This season has shown that when you give Jimmer minutes, he produces. Yet they continue to bury him in the bench. Jimmer has been more than patient and very professional about the situation. The Kings don’t appreciate him and one night will not change their minds. Its time to free Jimmer and send him to a team that will allow him to help the team.

    • jacha

      In fact his career night has done just the opposite. Everyone knows that the Kings have given up on Jimmer. Just in the past several hours 5-6 teams have started to express intrest in Jimmer. If anything, his night only cemented the fact that he will be going elsewhere, most likely by Feb 20th.

  • Truth928

    Sacdemento has ABUSED this great young player.
    First “smart” now Malone….F#$k them !!!
    They absolutely do not deserve him.
    I pray he goes selsewhere quick —-and comes back and drops 50 on the Queens every time he plays them.
    THAT would be beautuiful and just.