Washington Wizards PG John Wall Will Win Dunk Contest with Hops and In-Air Creativity

By Dave Daniels
john wall bradley beal
Rocky Widner – Getty Images

John Wall is my pick to win the dunk contest, and it is mainly because the point guard will be playing angry after a team USA snub. Wall has apparently been listing his slights over the course of his early career, and so it should be fun to keep track of how he progresses further with all the rage that seems to be driving him.

The dunk contest field is impressive, so a win by Wall would be huge; we will have to see if he can get it done, but my money is on him. He might be a longshot according to some, but his creative ability in the air is what sets him apart in my mind and his most impressive dunk might not even be pre-planned which is the most impressive part of the point guard’s game in my opinion.

Have been watching him for some time, and honestly think this weekend is the perfect moment to present himself to the world. We will have to see if the world is impressed, but think that they will be if his past is any indication. His in-game dunks have certainly been impressive and so we definitely have a good data sample to draw from.

One more pro b-ball piece coming at you later, and then stop by Rant Sports Prep if you feel inclined to check out some up and coming players.

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