Why Are Cleveland Cavaliers' Players All Smiling?

By kennethbrown
Kyrie Irving and Rajon Rondo
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

We haven’t seen many smiles at all from the Cleveland Cavaliers organization this season, but at the moment they’ve won four straight games heading in to the All-Star break, and they seem to be in good spirits at long last. One can wonder, after such an awful season, why are they all so happy?

One reason could well be that it is the All-Star break. For many of these struggling players, that means time off, rest and the possibility of heading home to their families. That’s enough to erase any worries and past performance problems and to allow them to smile. Surely that’s not it though?

GM Chris Grant was fired last week, which seems to have provided a much-needed change to the team. The players have gone on their best winning run in years days after he has left Cleveland — surely that can’t be a coincidence? There was a sense of urgency to get him out of the building, and now we’re seeing why. The players are happier, and the results prove this.

We’ll never know quite why the players are smiling right now, but obviously, winning ball games helps to breed a happier mentality, but it’s what caused this turn of events that we’re all wondering about. Most of the Cavaliers’ players now have time to rest and enjoy the All-Star weekend — when they’re back, it looks like they’ll be ready for business. If they carry this form for a while longer, there are no reasons to rule them out of playoff contention.

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